The world grows, Time passes

Day 8 of this improvisation period to build “Under a Tree at the End of Time”, and the play-world has grown vastly. We have now covered the bulk of the narrative and have a huge wealth of material to draw upon, to hone into the final script.

The work so far has taken place between Tuesday 13th January 1981 and Saturday 14th February 1981, at Ray’s house in Time, Indiana; we’re making a leap of 4 months today.

We’ve uploaded improvisation footage to date to our Blip┬ávideo channel (see right), which includes our first improvisation period that took place earlier in the year.

We’ve gathered visual references into our Pinterest mood board – the latest pins are below, and you can follow the board here.

  • The "dark"side of th
  • Metamorphosis 1 by K
  • I love this. It has
  • Old Country School &
  • Do this in layers of
  • Clara Lieu. I love t
  • phases of the moon t
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We’ve also been sharing certain moments of the story and logging facts and details on Twitter as we go – from aspects of the law in Indiana and key events in the US in 1981, to the theme tune to Flash Gordon and and the song that’s playing when Jimmy takes Robyn out for dinner in Lafayette. You can follow below.