The Lady from the Sea

The Lady from the Sea

Artistic Director Dan Sherer directed Ibsen’s The Lady from the Sea at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York in 2013.

“Life is apparently a happy, easy and lively thing up there in the shadow of the mountains and in the monotony of this seclusion. Then the suggestion is thrown up that this kind of life is a life of shadows. No initiative, no fight for liberty. Only longings and desires. This is how life is lived in the brief summer. And afterwards – into the darkness….A man or woman who has reached the top, desires the secrets of the future, a share in the life of the future, and communication with distant planets. Everywhere limitation. From this comes a melancholy like a subdued song of mourning over the whole of human existence and all the activities of men. One bright summer day with a great darkness thereafter – that is all.” Ibsen

Cast: Elinor Hafted, Karel Hermanek, Olivier Huband, Jorge Rosa, Moran Sherkin, Espen Sigurdsen, Dana Stern, Jordan Weller
Director: Dan Sherer
Assistant Director: Julia Levine
Production Manager: Karina Martins
Technical Director: Edward Ross
Set Designer: Cassie Dorland
Lighting Designer: Sean Daniels
Costume Designer: Katja Andreiev
Stage Manager/Sound Designer: Jake Wiener
Sound Consultant: Steve Mayo

The Lady from the Sea ran at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, New York in August 2013.

Read the production blog here.

View the production moodboard here.

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