Real Circumstance Script Analysis Lab

Script Analysis Lab

Uncover the architecture of a script with the Real Circumstance Script Analysis Lab.

Are you an actor looking for ways to approach a text? A director looking for a practical reliable process to take into rehearsal? Or maybe you are a writer looking to better understand narrative and dramatic structures? Explore all these things at our Script Analysis Lab. Featuring talks, practical sessions and group work, the Lab will give you concrete guidance to help hone your skills, and to enhance your understanding – all in a supportive environment of like-minded artists and potential collaborators.

What the Lab covers

  • Breaking down scripts into the basic elements of circumstances and events: What is actually happening in a scene when you look past the lines?
  • Deriving characters’ intentions out of the circumstances in a useful and applicable way – for when you are tired of playing transitive verbs!
  • Revealing story structure: We will be unpicking why good scripts actually work! Why does a script have this beginning, this middle, and this end? We will explore how efficient narrative structures do the work that dialogue alone cannot.

The Lab is delivered by our Artistic Director, Dan Sherer. Dan is playwright, director and academic who works nationally and internationally. He is a regular tutor at RADA, specialising in working with new plays and teaching improvisation and devising within the Stanislavski tradition. He was recently attached to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Previously Dan worked for Mike Leigh at the Royal National Theatre and trained at the National Theatre Studio.

Saturday 11th April
10am – 4pm
London (venue tbc).

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“I learnt so much in such a short time – and came away feeling energised, stimulated and inspired!”

“The Lab continually brought all of the learning aspects back to us, the participants, and how we can relate this to our practice and way of working. I now have a strong concept about where to go next and how the Lab can continue to be a part of me.”

The Script Analysis Lab is made up of the following sessions, tailored to participants' needs and requirements:

The basic mechanics of how and what causes a scene to happen, and the problem of ‘actioning’

How to thoroughly and methodically un-pick the architecture of a whole script, so you can create the play-world. In this session will be comprehensively breaking down the entire script of Real Circumstance’s play, LOUGH/RAIN, by Declan Feenan and Clara Brennan.

Using the event as a short-hand to work fast on your feet and avoid ‘actioning’ In this session we will work individually and in small groups on specific scenes from well-known plays and movies, demonstrating how the principle of the event can be applied to any text, quickly.

Narrative Structure, Dramatic Structure, and Plot and why they are all different – In this discursive session we will look at some of basic structures that underpin playwriting, and how they can be used and manipulated.

A new way of playmaking

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