Current Projects

We are currently working on our two new plays Under a Tree at the End of Time and The Silence of Stars.

We're also rounding off our acclaimed 2014 masterclasses with our Marketing Lab and Script Analysis Lab.

About Real Circumstance

Real Circumstance is dedicated to exploring new ways of playmaking; to developing emergent artists; and to raising the profile of the East of England as a source of creative work.

Based in Colchester, Real Circumstance delivers work nationally and internationally.

Artistic Director - Dan Sherer
Creative Producer - Anna Bewick

Making "Under a Tree at the End of Time"

“On Creationism” a short story by Dan Sherer

A short story from Under a Tree at the End of Time by Dan Sherer. It’s 11 March, 1970 in Indiana. Ray and his daughter Robyn are by the creek, fishing.

You know you …

Casting announced for “Indiana New Works” reading

We’re delighted to announce the cast for the reading of “Under a Tree at the End of Time” as part of the Indiana New Works Festival on 3rd December.

Nine new plays by playwrights connected …

Robyn’s stories

“You know, there’s a way you could see the history of the planet, the history of this funny, scary world? Wanna know how? Go get in a rocket ship, one that can fly away from … Read more >>

Improvisations, narrative choices, and writing

I finished the final day of improvisation for Under A Tree At The End Of Time on Friday, which means somewhere in the 160ish hours of improvised footage I have the play; at least a … Read more >>

The world grows, Time passes

Day 8 of this improvisation period to build “Under a Tree at the End of Time”, and the play-world has grown vastly. We have now covered the bulk of the narrative and have a huge … Read more >>

Improvising Time: immersion and circumstance

Our previous improvisation period, which took place earlier in the year, ended at a particular moment: with the arrival of Jimmy and Caitlyn at her father Ray’s house in Time, Warren County, Indiana on Tuesday … Read more >>

Catch up with “Under a Tree at the End of Time”

On Monday we start a two-week development period for “Under a Tree at the End of Time”. The story so far…It is 1981 in the village of Time, Indiana. Raymond (Lawrence Werber / … Read more >>

Auditing the creative process

How do you make tangible and tactable – and indeed digital – the unconscious or inexpressable process of generating art? Theatre is at least better at manifesting creative labour as materially available than most art … Read more >>

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